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Afghan Christians Mobile
AfghanTimes.com special report. October 13th  2006.

The Afghan Media (www.afghanmedia.com) today announced the launch of a new website that allows the ease of browsing the Afghan Christian website through the tiny screens of Cell Phones. With the launch of afghan.mobi now people around the world can read, and listen the word of God with ease.

According to reports, there more people who use Cell phone than personal computers (PC) and by the year 2008 most people will get their information via these tiny devices.

The Afghan Christian Mobile website is designed to fit both the tiny Cell Phone screens and other PDAs such with Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.

Hussain Andaryas, the director of the Afghan Christian Media (Afghan Media dot com) said: "Afghans in Afghanistan are going crazy about Cell phones and there will soon be Afghans on the mountains who will try to visit Internet pages through their tiny toys."

In the West (specially in Northern America and Europe) most Afghans already use Cell Phones for web-browsing.

"Every one is on the Internet and most people will be in the future. Why not to share the good news of the Lord Jesus to the people through mobile devices? All you have to do is, type afghan.mobi or www.afghan.mobi and you are where you are blessed with the word of God." Said Mr. Andaryas.

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وبسايت های افغان
- صفحه نخست
- جستجوگر
- تلويزيون
- مجله گندم
- چرا مسيحی شدم؟
- راه نجات

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